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Data fabric is an architecture that combines two or more cloud vendors, on-premises environments, and hybrid/edge systems across multiple geographies to provide a unified view of data. It enables the storage, management, and movement of data among different types and from different sources. With modern data fabric, organizations have access to real-time analytics with reliable security measures in place for managing and protecting their data. Here we are discussing a common use case of data fabric with search:  

Data Fabric with Search

Data Fabric with search has become a crucial tool for organizations to collect, store, and analyze all their data in one, convenient location. But what exactly can you do with this powerful solution? Here’s a look into some common use cases of Data Fabric with search. 

Simplify Database Maintenance 

Data Fabric with search allows businesses to easily maintain the data stored within their database without having to worry about manually recovering lost or corrupted files. Also, the solution provides users with the ability to back up and restore data easily and quickly which helps keep databases running smoothly and continuously without any hitches or hiccups. 

Improve Security and Protect Sensitive Data 

Organizations are struggling to keep their sensitive information secure as digital threats increase in sophistication and complexity on a daily basis. However, data Fabric with search comes equipped with advanced security features like authentication, encryption, and access controls that help protect crucial customer data from potential cyber-attacks while keeping regulatory compliance in check. 

Streamline Petabyte-Scale Search Queries 

Data Fabric with search also makes it easier for businesses to scale up their queries at petabyte-level speeds boosting performance as your needs change over time. Also, the feature automatically distributes the load across multiple services for greater efficiency, allowing teams to access, index, query, and manage large amounts of unstructured customer data simultaneously.  

Analyze Structured & Unstructured Data Seamlessly 

Another advantage of using Data Fabric is its ability to help reduce analysis time by allowing users to analyze both structured & unstructured data within the same platform which enhances accuracy levels significantly. Although, with its strong machine learning capabilities, organizations can leverage predictive insights as well as better customer profiling by combining customer insights while uncovering highly-accurate correlations between different datasets. 

Develop Advanced Search Application Easily & Effectively 

Companies rely on applications such as string search algorithms whether they’re developing personalized web apps, enterprise content management systems or general-purpose applications that require efficient querying capabilities across vast arrays of records – all while ensuring quick response times and low latency results. With Data Fabric’s powerful linguistics engine implementing sophisticated language processing techniques like fuzzy matching patterns – developers are able to rapidly develop intricate search applications tailored to meet specific business needs effectively & efficiently.

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