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TheAxys No-Code Data Integration

“Data Data Everywhere”

Organizations have a lot of data, but it could be more consumable, which causes many hurdles for a business to succeed because data is an asset for a business. It should be well-defined and easily accessible for employees to execute further processes. When an organization has plenty of data, it can be more challenging to use it for daily tasks if not indeed a data-driven organization. 

Challenges Organizations are Facing Today

  • Data Trapped in the distributed systems
  • Not easily accessible and secure
  • Not leveraged to drive actionable insights.
  • Cost Prohibitive (licensing cost)
  • Unused and unmanageable data
  • Less productive use of data and sources

How to Make Your Team Expert with Axys No-Code Data Integration?

An organization can increase its work efficiency, and worth using an Axys No-Code data integration solution. Axys provides the following features to manage a large amount of data.

Axys solves these problems and provides the following features such as:

Better Insights with Data

Leverage data from all sources to draw insights for new products, customer service, target communication, and customer lifetime value.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Connect applications, services, processes, and devices to automate workflows. Streamline policies and reduce manual errors to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Security and Data Privacy are Important

Customers are concerned about looks and rouge access to sensitive data during transit. They want better governance of data movement.

Enable Enterprise Level Automation

Powerful data transformation, built-in features such as pagination, error logging, and network connection retries.


It can execute millions of records per flow run, broadcast sets of business processes, and data analytic use cases, from near real-time to bulk data transfers in one product.


No-Code data integration provides end-to-end private connectivity to protect against internet-based attack vectors. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and customers can bring their encryption keys.


No coding is needed attractive to users in lines of business and citizen integrator.  No-code platforms that include dynamic API features allow users to connect to various external data sources and services, such as databases, web services, and other APIs, while Axys automatically generates REST API on the fly to access all those data with added features and values. These features allow users to create data-driven applications and automation without the need for code.

Dynamic API Features

Some common examples of dynamic API features include:

  1. Connectors: pre-built connectors that allow users to connect to various data sources and services, such as Salesforce, Google Sheets, and Slack.
  2. Data integration: allows users to connect to multiple data sources, join data tables, and filter data without needing to write code.
  3. Webhooks: allow users to trigger actions or events in other systems in response to changes in the data.
  4. API creation: allows users to create and manage their own APIs, which can be used to share data and functionality with other systems and services.
  5. Automated workflows: allows users to automate repetitive tasks and workflows, such as data entry and report generation.

By providing these dynamic API features, no-code platforms enable users to easily integrate and automate a wide range of data and services without needing to write code. This can save organizations time and money and allow them to create and deploy applications quickly and effectively.

No-code onboarding refers to the process of introducing users to a No-code platform and providing them with the knowledge and resources necessary to effectively use the platform to create and deploy software applications, automation, and integrations. 

Providing comprehensive onboarding processes such as tutorials, training, webinars, community support,  templates, and support no-code platforms can help users quickly and effectively learn how to use the platform and create applications and automation, which can save organizations time and money, and allow them to create and deploy applications quickly and efficiently. 

Integrate Unlimited Sources

Prioritize Source: Conveniently organize the source priorities, manage source schema, and map ingested data into a custom smart profile or automatically generate REST API layer.

Manage incoming data fields from all sources: As organizations fetch data from multiple resources and regularly receive data as input from many sources, they need help managing a filtered form of data from raw data.  Axys No-code data integration also manages a tremendous amount of data coming from multiple sources as input. Axys stores data strategically into an aligned and managed form from where a user can search and get accurate results. This can save time and money that companies spend on data management manually or through engineering.  

Axys Reduces Licenses limitations and Cost: Axys also reduces licensing costs by using a single-user license; the users can view all the select data available to view without any licensing limit because licensing limits can restrict the amount of data that an organization can access and use, which can make it difficult to gain a complete picture of the organization’s data.

Auto API Generation

Either technical or non-technical, users can build and deploy pipelines in minutes with dynamic no-code API and pre-built connectors for various data sources.

Add Value to your Work with Axys

  • Build Data Profile
  • Manage Fields to Ingest
  • Add more data fields dynamically
  • Advance elastic search
  • Access data instantaneously in the API
  • Access Custom Data in API Instantly
  • Access Relations between Data
  • Opportunities within connected sources
  • Provides data ingestion and integration capabilities
  • Manages multiple environments, and data governance 
  • Connects to any data source via pre-packaged connectors 
  • Find Company Insight
  • Smart Tag, all Data to identify uniquely every data field.
  • Eliminates too Many Licenses
  • Build data pipelines within minutes rather than months

Aggregate Your Data with Axys

What does Data Aggregation Means?

Data aggregation is one of those terms that people in the marketing, sales, and engineering world can be intimidated by. Data aggregation technology has been around for many years, but there are other solutions. It allows companies to have their data consolidated into one place from two or many sources. It provides a lot of ease and simplicity in managing companies’ information.   

Data Grouping and Aggregation

The Data aggregation essentially consists of 2 steps:

  • Data Grouping
  • Data Aggregation

Data Grouping identifies one or more data groups based on values in selected features.

Data Aggregation puts together (aggregates) the values in one r more selected columns for each group.

Is Axys a Complete Data Solution?

It allows users to create a data pipeline, customize data fields, see data reports and flow, dynamically access data from automatically generated REST API layer, transform data or use them for any solution. Axys APIs make it easy by providing a no-code solution. For more information on how Axys unified data fabric works, schedule a demo today to learn more.  


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