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Axys is a unified data platform for your company’s sprawling internal knowledge

As a company grows, the number of essential information employees need to keep track of inevitably grows along with it. And, as your tech stack gets more complicated and increases, that information ends up distributed across more places. Data gets buried in CRM, HRIS, Project Management systems, and many more like Slack, MS Teams, Salesforce, HubSpot, and over 450+ more typical systems in enterprise environments.

Accessing data from these systems requires direct integration, and specific access, which is costly due to licensing for each user, and sometimes nearly impossible if raw data extraction is required. 

Most SaaS platforms lock in customer data to raise switching costs to another vendor or competitor. As such, the complexity of extracting and creating insight from raw data increases significantly. Accessing these data sources for search and analytics is becoming more complex and expensive as vendors find new ways to protect their business, that is surprisingly your organization’s data. 

According to Accenture, “66% of all data produced is not analyzed because 70% of companies don’t have the capabilities, resources, or expertise to realize tangible and measurable value from their data.”. Even when expert managers decide to utilize data from silos sources like SaaS applications, “they can only produce 27% insights and recommendations that are highly actionable. All these have resulted that 90% of teams saying that unreliable data sources slow down their work.”

Enterprise searches are not customizable and tailored to the organization’s needs. Why are all solutions so behind the trend of data growth and needs?

It takes complex software to keep up with the modern demands of enterprise search. Many solutions have been developed to offer search for documents, applications, and more for company information. However, complexity arises when many resources are required to keep these solutions running. With our team’s vast experience in enterprise software development business for more than fifteen years and working directly with over seven hundred enterprises, we realize there can’t be an out-of-the-box solution for any organization generating or storing a lot of data. 

It is sometimes neglected that organizations are different in nature, and the types of data they generate and use are different too. Knowledge workers will use data differently from company to company; as a result, the solution to search must provide capabilities beyond the search only. Most solutions don’t allow customization of functional and non-functional requirements for company needs. That usually will be realized very late after negative feedbacks start piling up from employees.

The most known ones generally lack customization for results and departmental needs. You can’t simply create or use a Google-style search result for your company’s content. The requirements of the Sales department are different to Technology or finance department. For organization search, simply returning results based on keywords used without the relationship between the results found, won’t satisfy the main needs. 

It can be argued that a good AI solution might solve this problem. But it’s not the silver bullet we think. Organizations can’t customize the functionalities, especially search results tailored to knowledge workers. Even if it does, it will be costly and time-consuming to train the models for AI, which is not guaranteed and might not have been designed to satisfy what a specific department is looking for. Knowledge workers might not be just interested in a simple search result; they might need to feed the results of multiple systems upon a search into one or many business intelligent systems. 

The market needs a solution that has customization capabilities from pipelining data, streaming, storing, transforming, and finally making it available for any purposes desired by companies through a true NO-CODE API layer or direct access. All that can be done within your organization’s private environment, 

Axys platform and architecture

Axys management and engineering team have decades of combined experience working directly with over seven hundred medium to large enterprises. As the first-hand experts observing data access problems, the primary goal when designing and developing the Axys platform was to build a platform that has no limit in customization, to provide complete data management, and data preparation solutions.

An advanced solution to connect data sources in minutes, perform data collection, discovery, profiling, intelligent tagging, cleansing, structuring, transforming, enriching, validating, and publishing in any format the customer desire. All are accessible through a fully dynamic API layer that can get updated automatically as the admin adds sources or select new attributes during run-time. 

Our team goal was to create a no-code unified real-time search across data silos without the use of data warehousing to reduce significant complexity and resource constraints companies face. A single solution that can centralize data management and preparation from pipelining to building custom data solutions that can satisfy all different departments’ requirements within any company despite the industry.

Providing a fully automated source integration and a simple mapping system to meet every requirement, and automatically generating API layer to access all data from any source connected. Axys meanwhile satisfy all needs for advanced search, smart dynamic filtering, and intelligent and automatic tagging system. This helps to relate all data from different systems to allow users to navigate through data as desired (data drill-down). 

Axys returns results for search categorized based on the criteria most interesting and relative to the search using an internal sophisticated ranking system. For example, if it is deployed for the sales department, then the search will be categorized for people, customers, opportunities, support, and similar. In another case, if the engineering department uses the system, the categories are specified and interlinked/tagged for people, projects, tickets, documents, and similar. 

All these functionalities have been developed to release data from silos, make easy data access with virtually no engineering resource required, dynamically create actionable insight on any type of data, and build any application solution on top of Axys API to use the transformed data.

Another significant advantage your company will receive by using Axys is saving in licensing costs since Axys will only use a single-user license and make all selected data available for viewing without any licensing limit delivered to any other desired source, such as custom solution, analytics tools, and more. 

Axys is a cloud-agnostic environment and can be deployed in a customer cloud such as AWS or hosted by Axys. The whole environment is deployed by only a few lines of command and fully automated to go online in just a few minutes. Axys’ proprietary design and data fabric architecture allows customers to own their data without requiring transferring it to a third-party environment.

Customers can enforce uniform data access, governance, compliance, and IDP security policies. Extra modules, such as AI engines, can be attached. Axys can inherit enterprise security and policies within your private network (VPC) or create one.  

Building the Foundations of Employee Success. With Axys, there is no limit to building data use cases with your organization’s data.

Why long-term employee success hinges on great onboarding, and how information inaccessibility can cost you. Almost all fast-growing companies know the value of being data-driven and see it as the only essential factor for calculated growth. But how will you have full access to all your company data at your fingertip? 

Axys is your start page for work. Find information about anything or anyone in your team, discover curated collections and FAQs, and stay abreast with company data assets. Why not the sales team know the volume and status of customer support tickets before going to customer meetings to avoid surprises?

Why not the technology team know if the project they are working on has support for aggressive demand by a customer from sales data? All have simple access to data that takes no license and is tailored to them with a no-code solution. 

With automated integration, Axys ensures that data is consistently formatted and standardized for each team to reduce errors and improve the reliability of the information being used by different teams.

Management knows the employee’s day-to-day personal engagement has been reduced drastically due to remote work. Hence, finding data and opportunities to rely on colleagues has decreased too, which will affect the company’s success in the long term. Over-the-shoulder employee experience in gathering knowledge has been diminished.

To make employee personal engagement even virtually happen again, we need to build a foundation to access company data and how employees interact with each other to find information. For example, if an employee is interested in knowing who is engaged with a specific product or project and the skills of the team that match my skill or if I have any past relationship with them, then a platform like Axys is a perfect choice.

In management, the whole point of hiring an employee is to make sure they can perform to the max and build a couple of fold revenue per employee. So why not give the tools and data that add significantly to this success and build the foundation for them to achieve it faster, better, and more reliably?






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