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Learn about the top seven risks facing software components and underlying delivery pipelines as well as best practices for preventing supply chain attacks.

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Learn how to leverage Kubernetes and IaC to embed security checks earlier in the DevOps lifecycle and build a Kubernetes-based DevSecOps strategy.

Data model

Discover six impactful guidelines for identifying open-source vulnerabilities and license compliance issues with software composition analysis.

Custom application

Learn about the challenges of leveraging DevSecOps to secure the cloud and how infrastructure as code makes it all possible.

Top Resources

Top Resources

Data fabric 101: The next generation of Enterprise IT

Understand what is a data fabric, its reference architecture, use cases, benefits, and more.

Common use cases of Data Fabric with search

Today, data generation occurs at such break-neck speeds that traditional tools can’t keep up. The location of data, the shape of it…

Discover the overlooked ROI of an enterprise data platform

Data spans wide and runs deep across enterprises. It’s often tucked into pockets and silos…