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Operational Efficiency

Streamline the business operations that have the biggest
impact on revenue and growth. Axys helps you collect massive
data sets, and cleanse and prepare your data, improving your
business analytics and forecasting.

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Axys operational efficiency

Data Engineering

Non-Stop supply
chain data

Get full view into your supply chain’s rich data to help you do
business faster, more efficiently, and better than the
competition. Axys combines data quality and data integration
— at scale — giving you a more holistic view of your product life
cycle to improve inventory, product quality, partner
collaboration, and customer satisfaction.

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Timely customer

Self-service data ingestion through Axys makes it easy for
nontechnical users to quickly connect to the most relevant
information. With all your data in a convenient, central
warehouse, the sales team has instant access to the most up-
to-date and accurate information from Salesforce, Hubspot,
and internal teams like finance or legal.

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Data-driven marketer

Discover, capture, and integrate data from any source to any
destination, including CRM and social media feeds. Self-service
cloud capabilities make it easy for business users to curate
data for advanced analytics, even if they lack advanced
technical skills, which lets you run more targeted and timely
campaigns that deliver better results.

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Performance benefits


6.8X Faster

Point to Point Integration: Planning and Development Reduce and
replace R&D with intelligent automation


Resource: Domain Expert and Engineering

Time to Production

Never build a data pipeline and API
again to use and manage your data
with Axys no-code solution

Search and Performance

Increase Using Axys APIs, makes data
access and aggregation from
multiple sources connected, up to 5x
faster than traditional integration

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Learn how to get frictionless data integration for your cloud-native infrastructure and
applications in AWS Marketplace. By the end of each workshop, you will learn how you can
use Axys to prioritize data, automate schema mapping and perform data governance.
Uncover your data silos now.

Elasticsearch and Axys

Elasticsearch & Axys

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aws & Axys

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GCP & Axys

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Cloudformation 1-Click